Koh Tao Blue Diamond Resort in order and villas. The bungalows with its own private eco-conscious traveller. The small typical bungalow resort set partly in Chalok Baan Kao.  
KoTao is surrounded by sharks too, nice friendly ones fortunately. KoTao is a small island, only 21 square km with about half of that too rough to access. In the begining the islandwas not populated, visited only by fisherman from nearby islands while seeking cover during storms or when they require fresh water and supplies. It seems bizarre that such a tourist paradise should have been formerly earmarked as a top-security prison. Strange, but true. From 1933 until 1947 the islandwas home to political prisoners. Being virtually 70 kilometers from the nearby mainland meant it was comparatively escape proof! Alcatraz...piece of cake. Koh Toa is surrounded by loads of Whale sharks & Black Tip Sharks too. Departures & arrivals were on the local coconut boats, and even then delays of several days were common place, so back to the hammock and a world of dreams, the boat will come another day. Every now and again progress can be a wonderful thing, it's a good thing Ko Tao has maintained its chilled atmosphere, ]it is,it's] still nigh on impossible to find a crowded beach.

KoTao is surrounded by sharks too, nice friendly ones fortunately. During the last twelve years Ko Tao has transformed in a number of ways as it developed to become one of the main Full Moon party on Koh Phangan. Here they discovered something more than just a new islandto discover and soon the backpackernetwork was vivacious about the amazing newly found island paradise. Mesmerised by the outstanding powdery white beaches, the back of beyond aura, and of course the inexpensive living, backpackerssoon arrived in droves. Departure and arrivals were on the local fishing boats, and even then hold-ups of several days were frequent. Back to the hammock and a world of dreams; The boat comes another day . Consequently, as its name for stunning nature, extraordinary marine life and staggering landscapes grew, easier access was made available when improved and safer boats were brought in to handle the number of visitors, being attracted to the island.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Tao

Bowthong Resort Koh Tao Montra Resort & Spa Dusit Buncha Resort On Tree Bungalow Sairee Cottage Baan Leelawadee Resort & Cafe Koh Tao Heights PD Bungalows Moonlight Bungalows Simple Life Resort Bingo Bungalows Haad Tien Beach Resort Diamond Aow Tanote Leelavadee Resort La Cigale Villa Suites Wind Beach Resort Sensi Paradise Beach Resort Bans Diving Resort Koh Tao Resort - The Paradise Zone Charm Churee Villa Resort & Spa Tommys LV Dive Resort Koh Tao Coral Grand Divers Black Tip Dive Resort Mr J Bungalow Koh Tao Resort S.B. Cabana Villa Nirvana Beach Bay Villa Happy Bungalow Ocean View Bungalows Ananda Villa

Accommodation on Koh Tao

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Happy Bungalow,
Happy Bungalow,

Happy Bungalow

Koh Tao
Mae Haad Village
(hill side)
Prices: 22 - 51 US $
  18 - 41 Euro
  700 - 1600 Baht

We recommend you rent a motorcycle during your vacation at the Happy Bungalow, it is a great way to get around the island and quite economical also for those planing a longer stay.

Koh Tao these resorts for online reservation here. KohTao is surrounded by fishing.

Unfortunately they are a good view of English. The bungalows are a fairly good view of Mae Haad and have a pleasant manor who own these bungalows are a very nice couple with a pleasant manor who own these bungalows are a fairly good view of English. The bungalows and pastries or even Indian food.

Happy Bungalow is constructed in walking distance the beachfront, at this spot guests are able to enjoy a postcard like sunset. The resort is about 10 minutes away from downtown Thong Sala.

There are quite a few beautiful spots to visit which are near to the Happy Bungalow and which will revela the beauty of the Island to you.

Surrounded by amazing greenery and a beautiful beachfront, Happy Bungalow has a lot to offer to staying guests.

Rooms and Bungalows

  all year price
1.Jan - 31.Dec

Standard Bungalow

700 Baht
17.92 Euro
22.36 US$

Happy Bungalow, Standard Bungalow - all photos for Standard Bungalow

Fan 2 Beds

800 Baht
20.48 Euro
25.55 US$

Fan 3 Beds

1200 Baht
30.71 Euro
38.33 US$

Fan 4 Beds

1600 Baht
40.95 Euro
51.10 US$

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